Sometimes there is this urge, an unbearable itch, to tell people about the wrongs in the world. Feeling the need to take a wooden box and go out into the street to tell people of the doom that is upon them…

Or in my case my girlfriend doesn’t really understand what I do behind that computer screen, and our cats are not very good listeners. But it seems the internet has a good cure for such itches, called blogs, and that is the reason why I’m writing them. Oh, and of course because of the¬†opportunity¬†to get in touch with other developers, have some constructive discussions, and maybe learn something.

Some quick statistics on me, just for fun and the curious; born in 1970, been coding software since I was 13, started on a Commodore VC-20 (without tape or disk, so turning it off would erase all), and my other occupations are basketball, ballroom dancing and the occasional fitness or running in order to not lose shape (AKA compensate for not restraining myself at an all-you-can-eat).

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